Exotic fruits from around the World

As part of our Geography topic we have been looking at exotic fruits from around the world. We were fortunate enough to have Rob from Morrison’s visit us in Beech Class to share a range of exotic fruit facts and the best part was we got to taste them all too! YUMMY. We learnt that bananas are grown in 132 countries and if you put a banana next to a fruit that needs ripening it will ripen straight away. How cool is that!

Our Teeth Matter

We were very fortunate to have Debbie the Dental Nurse come to visit us on Monday. She taught us lots about our teeth and we even got to see different X-rays of teeth which was so interesting. We learnt that children have up to 20 teeth and adults have up to 32 teeth. Our longest root is on our canine and our teeth are coated with something called enamel.


Last week was a super busy and exciting week in Beech class as we became super scientists and decided to create our own model of the digestive system and it’s functions. We also tried out Taekwondo with Mr Davidson and learnt lots of different moves.


This afternoon we have been fortunate enough to have a specialist teacher in archery come and share his expertise. We had a great time learning a new skill. We can not wait until next week!


Who really is Mr Stink?

This week, we have been delving into stories with humour. One of our favourites was David Walliams’ ‘Mr Stink’.

Chloe (one of the main characters) creates scenarios in her head where Mr Stink did all kinds of amazing things before he came to live on his bench. ‘Was he an astronaut who had fallen to Earth and, in shock, lost his memory? Or perhaps he was a convict who had escaped from prison after serving thirty years for a crime he didn’t commit? Or even better, a modern day pirate who had been forced b his comrades to walk the plank into shark-infested waters, but against all odds had swum to safety?’. 

We were inspired by David Walliams’ writing and decided to write some of our own back stories for Mr Stink. We tried to include humour in our writing like that we were inspired by. Here’s an example of one of our pieces.


Mr Stink was not who he seemed… I know he looked like a smelly, pongy man but he back-story was quite an adventure.

Was he an explorer or was he a biologist? What could he have been? Maybe he was a waiter? It looks like he’s wearing bow ties and fancy-pancy clothes. That’s it! He was a chef! He does love his sausages. Mr Stink was always travelling around the world experimenting with new and exotic recipes. Since he loved sausages, he made lots of hot-dogs. Until one day… well, no one knows why he doesn’t cook anymore but he has kept his dusty, torn recipe book with him ever since. 

Spring Term Homework

Each term, Beech class receive a list of homework tasks and are asked to complete one for each week of the term. This term, most of our class completed the challenge and made/ drew/ wrote/ designed a homework for all 13 weeks.  We’ve seen incredible models of the digestive system, the rain forest and the ocean; fantastic diary entries about going back in time to see extinct animals; diagrams of the teeth we have as humans as well as those of carnivores and herbivores; research about current conflicts going on around the world and much much more. 

Twycross Zoo

Thanks to the generosity of the PTA, we were able to go on an extremely exciting trip to Twycross Zoo this week to support our Animals and their Habitats topic. We have been writing diary entries about our day. Here is an example of our fabulous writing.


Dear Diary,

Today was an incredible day. It was so different from a normal school day. I got to visit somewhere new with my class and learn loads of exciting things. I’d been looking forward to our trip for weeks and this morning the day finally arrived. I can’t wait to tell you all about what we got up to at… Twycross Zoo!

When I woke up this morning, I couldn’t contain my excitement. I just couldn’t wait to get to school (I know… weird!). Miss Tierney told us about the trip a few months ago and I’d been waiting in anticipation ever since. We climbed aboard the bus, with surprisingly comfortable seats, at 9 am and waved goodbye to our school’s secretary (Miss Webb). The journey took around an hour and was a bit boring however we passed the time by chatting about all of the things we were looking forward to seeing. “Yaaayyy!” we all cheered when we saw the large colourful signs at the entrance to the zoo.

Once we were off the bus, we went and found our classroom for our morning session. Since we we a little early, Miss Tierney let us have a quick play on the climbing frame to stretch our legs before our session started. The lesson was amazing! We learnt all about the pig-footed bandicoot, the great auk and the woolly mammoth. Our session was based on biodiversity, which is how all of the animals and plants in the world need each other to survive. Nicky, our teacher for the day, told us all about hunting, poaching and over-fishing and how these things are causing animals to become extinct. Next, we got to hold some real artefacts that were confiscated from poachers at airports. We held and elephant tusk, a tortoise shell, snake skin and a crocodile skin handbag. Animals should never have to suffer so that humans can have fancy, hurtful clothing.

After our session we had a quick, yummy snack and headed off in our groups to explore the zoo. Blood-red and sapphire-blue butterflies fluttered elegantly around the steaming hot butterfly house, everyone’s glasses steamed up when we walked in. Next, we visited the gibbons who were pretty quiet, except from a few babies swinging from the ropes and chatting to each other. Sun bathing peacefully on a smooth rock, we saw the endangered amur leopard, I felt a bit sad that there’s only 84 left in the world. Enormous, hairy orangutans were arguing over who could eat the lettuces in their enclosure, waving their arms in the air and following each other around.

We all met up to see the penguin talk and we sat outside and had our lunch because the weather was great. The flamingos were nearby so we had a go at completing the flamingo challenge but I only managed it for a few seconds. I think I would need a bit more practice if I were a flamingo! After lunch, we went to see the chimpanzees. They were terrifying as they were all shouting and screaming at each other. It was sooo loud! Would you be scared? The zookeepers were all watching them so we think that they might have put a new chimp in the enclosure or changed something else. We had to get ready to get back on the bus afterwards which was sad but we’d had an amazing day.

I’m sitting in my classroom writing this, looking back on how fantastic the day has been. I hope that the rest of the week is just as good. Twycross Zoo would be an amazing place to visit again!